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3,2 kW Whisper 500 Grid Connect

Enjoy the benefits of utility power while reducing your electric bill every time the wind blows!

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Enjoy the benefits of utility power while reducing your electric bill every time the wind blows! It’s been a dream of many homeowners and now it is possible.
The Whisper 500 Grid Connect wind system will reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill.
Based on proven technology with thousands in the field, the Whisper 500 wind turbine can now be directly connected to the electrical grid through the Magnetek Aurora inverter.
Depending on your location and energy consumption, a single Whisper 500 grid connect system will reduce or even eliminate your monthly electrical expense, and in certain areas, generate revenue. You can become your own electric company!
Patented Side-Furling Design: The Whisper 500 is a two bladed fiberglass reinforced blade and incorporates the patented side furling design that optimizes output at any wind speed. Assuming a 12 mph (5.4 m/s) wind, a Whisper 500 will produce as much as 500 kWh per month.

That is enough energy to power the average California home. Exclusive to the Whisper, the side-furling Angle-Governor protects the turbine in high winds by turning the alternator and blades out of the wind, reducing turbine exposure.

Unlike other wind turbines that lose as much as 80% of their output when furled, the Angle-Governor allows the Whisper to achieve maximum output in any wind.
The Whisper 500 Grid Connect System utilizes Magnetek's Aurora inverter to complete the system. The Aurora offers unmatched energy harvesting capability under varying weather conditions as well as very high power conversion efficiency, compact size, lightweight construction, ease of installation, and reliability based on robust system design. It is UL - 1741 listed for connectivity to the electric utility grid and also UL tested for compliance with CEC and NYSERDA standards for grid-connection. It is also Maximum Power Point Tracking optimized for the Whisper 500 permanent alternator magnet.

Specifications :

Rotor Diameter : 15 feet (4.5 meters)
Weight : 155 lbs (70 kg)
Shipping Weight (2 boxes) Body : 295 lbs. (133.8 kg) Blades: 28 lbs. (17.2 kg)
Pipe Mount : 5” Schedule 40
Start Up Wind Speed : 7.5 mph (3.4 m/s)
Rated Power : 3000 watts @ 24 mph (10.5 m/s)
Peak Power : 3200 watts @ 27 mph (12 m/s)
Body : Welded Steel; Powder coated protection
Blades : Carbon reinforced fiberglass
Overspeed Protection : Side Furling
Kilowatt Hours per month : 500 kWh/mo @12mph (5.4m/s)
5 Year Limited Warranty
Max Wind Speed :120 mph (55m/s)

Magnetek Aurora Inverter :

Maximum Power Input Current: 10 Amps per MPPT channel (20 Amps total)
True Sine Wave Output
Anti-Islanding Protection
Peak Efficiency: 96%

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