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FAQ and councils

You will find in this heading the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) and councils concerning the solutions of production of renewable energies proposed in our catalog.

You will find the answers to the questions about renewable energy utilization and choice.

You can also consult our glossary about the definitions, abbreviations and terms relating to renewable energies.

Solutions Energies gives you also some councils to reduce your consumption of energy.


>> To consult the glossary

>> To consult the catalog Solutions Energies

>> How to reduce its consumption of energy ? 

>> How to reduce its water consumption ?


Canadian well

Reach the FAQ canadian well.


Converter of tension

Reach the FAQ converter of tension.



Reach the FAQ inverter.


Photovoltaic solar panels

Reach the FAQ photovoltaic solar panels.


Regulators (controller) of load

Reach the FAQ regulators (controller) of load.


Solar battery

Reach the FAQ solar battery.


Solar heating

Reach the FAQ solar heating.


Solar tracker

Reach the FAQ solar tracker.


Solar water heating

Reach the FAQ solar water heating.


Swimming pool heating

Reach the FAQ swimming pool heating.


Thermodynamic water heating

Reach the FAQ thermodynamic water heating.


Wind mill

Reach the FAQ wind mill.


Wood house

Reach the FAQ wood house.





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