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How to reduce its water consumption?


The water consumption of French is between 100 liters and 150 liters per day. The bad habits are tough in this field. Some simple accessories would however make it possible to slow down this water overconsumption.


The reducer of flow

It settles between the pipe and shower head. It consists in reducing the diameter of duct drainage. The flow of water drops by 50 to 60% whole while keeping an equivalent pressure. From a shower of 40 liters one passes then to 20-25 liters.
The moussor

With a principle identical to that of the reducer, it allows besides airing the fountain what limits the real flow by offering a feeling of equivalent power. The mousseurs fix themselves on the ends of the taps. The economy is about 50%.

The economic shower head

The principle consists in rubbing the water drops between them. The surface of contact is thus larger with the skin and limit the requirements in flow. The economy is of approximately 50%.


The stop showers

It is fixed at the base of the pipe of shower, just after the tap. Very practical it makes it possible to temporarily stop the flow of the shower, time to be soaped for example and to take it again without undergoing cooling. The equipment makes it possible to gain up to water 50% on a shower, that is to say approximately 20 liters.


The thermostatic mixing valve

It is a more elaborate system which is not added to the valves and fittings but in fact part at the origin. The thermostat makes it possible to regulate the temperature on a side and the power of the flow of the other. Thus the user does not lose any more water by seeking the temperature which is appropriate to him.


The two-speed water hunting

Failing to install dry toilets, radical solution to reduce its water consumption, it is possible to realize consequent savings with a hunting of water at double speed. A button releases 5 liters of water approximately, the other 9 liters.





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