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FAQ Thermodynamic water heating


Using the principle of the heat pump, the thermodynamic water-heater is a very advantageous solution to heat domestic water of your habitat. It makes it possible to make converge economic profitability and ecological requirement in an ideal balance. Thermodynamic technology proves that there are indeed performances in the air!


What is a thermodynamic water-heater ?

The thermodynamic water-heater uses the aerothermy to heat domestic water. Its principle is to naturally recover the calories present in the air to transmit heat to the water of the balloon. It is thus a free, clean and inexhaustible energy!
Without resorting to an external unit, the air enters by the top of the apparatus using a ventilator then passes in an evaporator in which it yields its calories to the refrigerant. This fluid is then compressed to increase Its temperature which is finally transmitted to domestic water via the condenser. No gas rejection for greenhouse effect results from this system!

The electric supplement takes over automatically only if the heat pump is not enough to ensure heating: in the event of extreme outside temperatures or of an exceptional need for warm water. You are thus fed all the year out of warm water by limiting to the maximum energy the majority of the year.
A thermodynamic water-heater, developed by Atlantic like the model ODYSSEY, is an apparatus all in one of a capacity of approximately 300 liters which can easily feed out of warm water a family from 2 to 6 people. The COP (coefficient of performance) of the system shows an incredible effectiveness: 3.7 kWh of energy produced for 1 kWh of electricity consumed and invoicee. Thanks to its tank out of enamelled steel and its anti-corrosion protection ACI, the new generations of water-heater are characterized by an impressive longevity (approximately 15 years) without requiring a constraining maintenance.


Advantages of the thermodynamic water-heater on your premise ?

• Energy saving going up to 75%
• An optimal ecological solution
• Cover up to 70% of the needs for medical warm water thanks to the energy of the air
• A space saver and an easy use
• A quiet operation
• A dehumidifier effect


Generally accepted ideas

“The thermodynamic system requires a room temperature raised to be effective”
FORGERY. Contrary to this largely widespread idea, the system adapts to a broad beach of temperature thanks to the persistent presence of calories in the air even at low temperatures. It can function between -5 with +35°C.


Why choose Solutions Energies for your thermodynamic water-heater ?



Solutions Energies, leader on the market of the electric water-heater in France, was based on his know-how to develop his thermodynamic water-heater. This one profits thus from specific qualities with Solutions Energies: the longevity of resistance steatite and effectiveness of anti-corrosion protection ACI. Moreover, the perfect control of comfort warm water and management of the off-peak hours made it possible to develop a single regulation. This one detects the hours when electricity is the least expensive and makes so that the heat pump always takes precedence over the electric supplement. Thanks to it, ODYSSEY is most economic Heating the thermodynamic water of the market.


Solutions Energies, it is before a a whole quality recognized by all the professionals of the sector. The thermodynamic EC is developed and manufactured in the factory of the Rock on Yon in France. The products are developed in 9 factories in France and 3 abroad with a requirement for quality which makes to Solutions Energies the leader in the field of Thermique comfort.

Solutions Energies advises you :

It is recommended to install the thermodynamic water-heater in a garage (semi buried preferably), of 10m ² minimum, a boiler room or in a wash-house where its dehumidifier effect brings an additional approval. It can also be installed in a reduced space of livable volume and be sheathed on the garage, the cellar or the wash-house.





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