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FAQ Solar heating


Can solar energy it only be used to heat water ?

Solar energy perhaps used to heat medical warm water of a hearth, but it is not all: it is also possible to heat its dwelling thanks to solar energy. It is the role of the Combined Solar systems (SSC) which I wish to present to you today. From the heat produced by thermal solar panels, those give the priority to the heating of the dwelling compared to the requirements out of warm water, which can be covered by a supplement.

According to the information provided by the ADEME, a combined solar system can, in France, to provide from 20 to 40% of the needs for heating of a hearth. This figure varies mainly according to the localization of the dwelling and the surface of sensors used. The ADEME estimates that 1m2 should be counted solar panels for 10 with 15m2 of dwelling to heat.


Which are the two great types of combined solar systems ?

- The first main category is that of the systems with hydro-accumulation (diagram of right-hand side). Their principle leaves the report which solar energy cannot be produced in a foreseeable and regular way, whereas it is necessary to be able to maintain constant the temperature of the dwelling. In order to cure this problem, the heat produced by the sensors is stored in a balloon of water-heat “plug” before being diffused with the dwelling, either by a system of traditional radiators, or by a heating floor. The disadvantage of this system is the importance of volume “plug” necessary: the warm water plug balloon must thus have a capacity ranging between 500 and 2000L; it is often considered that 700L is a minimum. Its advantage is that its establishment in an existing housing does not require very heavy work.

- The second main category is that of the Direct Solar Floors (registered trademark). It is the system represented on the diagram of left. It is primarily incorporated in new housings, because its installation requires important work in the case of an existing housing. Its principle of operation is characterized not the absence of “plug” of heat: the PSD uses, as its name indicates it, not radiators but a heating floor, which is used at the same time as diffuser of heat but also of point of storage. Heat is stored directly in the concrete slab being used as solar floor, and not in a warm water balloon. Concretely, the heating flagstone is crossed by a pipe in serpentine in which the liquid coolant heated on the level of the solar panels circulates. This system makes it possible to obtain a temperature moderate (23°C) and constant in housing. It also allows a simpler assembly the level of the hydraulic couplings than the systems with hydro accumulation. On the other hand, it requires a more complex device of regulation (the regulator must play between the heat supply provided by the sensors and that provided by the supplement so as to give the priority to solar energy).





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