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FAQ Canadian well


The Canadian well uses (in a passive way) geothermal energy, i.e. the energy of the ground.

The principle consists in making circulate the air of renewal in a pipe buried in the ground with a depth of approximately 2 meters.

In summer the ground is with this depth colder than the surrounding air, which will make it possible to refresh the air before it is insufflated in the building. In winter it will be the opposite: the temperature under ground being higher than outside, the air will be heated before entering the house.


1. Canadian well or well Of Provence?

Although some stick to differentiate them by technical subtleties, the concept remains the same one. It is astonishing besides that name “well Canadian” is most current in France because in fact Méditerranéennes civilizations have the first used this system at end of air-conditioning.


2. Well Of Provence or VMC double flow?

It is possible to combine the two solutions. Their coupling will make it possible all the more to minimize the energy need of heating the winter.

But taking into account the cost (economic and ecological) of such an installation it is advisable to validate the relevance of this choice.

O The summer, the heat exchanger of ventilation doubles flow will not be used because it would do nothing but increase the temperature of the air brought by the Canadian well.
O If the intersaisons are lenient, the air coming from the Canadian well will be colder than the surrounding air; it will not be thus relevant to bring it to the building. However to remain operational a Canadian well must be maintained under minimum operation. The heat exchanger of ventilation doubles flow will however make it possible to gain a few degrees.
O It is only when the temperature goes down to the lower part from 10°C that the performances of the system will be development.

If the site knows long periods (intersaisons) during which the outside temperature is close to the temperature of comfort and which the design of the building in terms of insulation, exposure and solar management of the contributions (in particular) are effective;

And if one considers the costs of installation as well as the operating costs and maintenance of a solution VMC double flow on Canadian well, they can appear nonrelevant, as well on the financial plan as on the ecological level, in connection with the generated energy saving.

Caution: it is not a question here of excluding such or such solution, but of clarifying the questions which arise. Even in Mediterranean edge, such a scenario must be considered taking into consideration clean climate micro instead of establishment, the orientation and the topography of the ground.





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