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FAQ Wind mill


1. To produce electricity at home by an renewable energy, are there only the photovoltaic solar panels ?

Quite to the contrary the output of the photovoltaic solar panels is less than that of the wind mills. A solar panel is an investment to resell electricity with the historical supplier of electricity. In subsistence farming which is the most logical system since it makes it possible to on the spot consume produced energy, the solar panels have a return on investment of at least 50 years. Indeed the solar panels require with their construction of silicon with an exorbitant cost price. Moreover in subsistence farming the needs for electricity are more important in winter than in summer whereas a solar panel will produce more electricity the summer than the winter. The electrical production of a wind mill will be adjusted according to the needs for the habitat since indeed it has more wind the winter than the summer. The small wind mills are thus the ideal solution to produce with lower costs its own electricity and to respect its environment as well as possible.


2. Do I need a building permit to have a wind mill at home ?

A building permit is necessary for a wind mill of more than 12m top. All our range of power can be installed on masts lower than this height.


3. Does a wind mill make noise ?

A wind mill indeed will generate a volume sound but largely lower than the noise surrounding when there is wind. Indeed the primary source of noise in nature remains the wind. Without wind not of noise of wind mill. The sound volume of the wind mill will reach the 35 dB (perceptible level) starting from 25 km/h to reach to the maximum 80 dB with winds of more than 60 km/h with a sound volume are equivalent. The bad image that the wind mills compared to the noise have comes from the wind farms with wind mills of a diameter reaching the 100m sometimes! The pale ones of the large wind mills “literally cut” the wind involving a whistle which made their bad reputation. This is why the wind farms should not be installed with less 500m of the dwellings.

We recommend to our customers to install their wind mills with at least 25m of their house, not for sound reasons but because a house represents an obstacle with the wind for the wind mill. It sometimes sometimes happened to us to install wind mills with less 10m but with the request express of the customer and according to the ground.


4. Does the wind mill denature the landscape ? 

In a general way the denaturation of the landscape is allotted to the large wind farms with wind mills of a hundred meter height visible with tens of kilometers of distance. Be less 12m top the Southern wind mills Concept are a height lower than the majority of the trees (poplar 25 with 30m top, oak 20 with 40m top, birch until 25m top). There are in France 250,000 pylons of the public network of approximately 16,000 water tower and electricity transmission a height ranging between 10 and 60m on the whole of the French territory of more than 20m top.

The denaturation of the landscape is the principal argument of associations against the wind farms (one counts approximately 300 in France of them, with each creation of wind farm an association is created…). Quite to the contrary none is against the small wind mills which do not require a building permit nor of declaration of work and there does not exist association indexed in France against the wind mills of small power.


5. Do the batteries pollute ?

The batteries used by Solution-Energies are lead-acid batteries tight with recombination with gas without evaporation. This kind of battery is which can be recycled between 92 and 95% according to the models. A battery indeed will pollute if it is abandoned in full nature. All the suppliers of batteries in France are held to recover as many batteries as they sell some, which is seldom the case.

Moreover the course of lead being clearly to the rise (it was multiplied by 5 since 2002), the batteries thus have a value of important resale at the end of the lifetime.


6. Is a wind mill expensive ?

A VAT with 5.5% applies for all the private individuals whose dwelling has more than 2 years. In addition if the wind mill is planned for the main home a tax credit is available to a total value of 50% of the price of the material reached a maximum with 8000 € for a couple (even more if there are dependants) refunded by the state (article 200 quater of the cgi). In addition there exist regional aids or local (District council of Burgundy, of Languedoc-Roussillon, of the Rhone-Alps etc…).


7. My neighbors will not want a wind mill !

According to the nature of the ground, a wind mill can be visible dwelling of the neighbor of a customer. The wind mill will be seen less than one tree being given its low height.

The wind mill can be painted to be better integrated into the landscape. For the sound fears generated by the wind mill, the noise of the external environment will cover the sound volume of the wind mill.

In addition fears of vicinity for the installation of a wind mill are not based and rest solely on the objections often quoted in keeping with the establishment of the wind farms. It is indeed two different sectors (small and large wind) and it is this distinction which our customers systematically remind their vicinity before establishment.


8. My mayor is against the wind mills !

If the wind mill is installed on a mast of less 12m it is not necessary to ask a building permit nor even authorization of work. A mayor can be against the wind mill installation of if he does not know the wind mills of small power.


9. Are the administrative approaches to have a wind mill long and painful ?

Solution-energies deals with the whole of the administrative formalities for the files of resale of electricity and the building permits. A service appointed at Solution-Energies is especially in charge of this management.


10. And if my wind mill breaks down ?

Solution-energies ensures the guarantee: parts, labor and displacement of the wind mills installed by its technicians, as well at the mechanical level as electric.


11. And if I do not want any more at the end of some time ?

Solution-energies guarantees a value of recovery over 10 years for all its wind mills.


12. Does a wind mill take the lightning ?

Over one 30 years lifespan it is not impossible that a wind mill takes the lightning. It is envisaged in each foundation of wind mill to set up a wire of ground (a copper braid connected to the ground). In addition the electrical equipment boxes are connected to the ground by a ground stake in the ground.


13. And if my wind mill falls ?

Our masts respect the standards NV 65 (Snow Wind 65) and CM 66 (Steel Construction 66) which are the French standards for the mast installation of to resist winds of 200 km/h. We do not index any wind mill whose mast fell but we advise with our customers to remotely install them dwellings or of any obstacle to the wind.


14. There is no insurance for my wind mill, my insurer will not want to deal with it !

When one installs a wind mill beside his dwelling, the real estate value is developed with height of the investment of the wind mill. Even if there do not exist special insurances for the wind mills of small power it is enough to specify with its insurer whom housing is revalorized with height of the investment of the wind mill.


15. It will not be based in the landscape, one will see it with kilometers !

The wind mills of small power are largely less visible than the electric pylons and the water towers with a height lower than 12 Mr. the landscape studies than we make for the building permits of more than 12m show that the wind mill is not visible any more 2 away km.

There is thus no important visual impact for the environment and the landscape. In addition it is possible to paint the mast, the generator and the pale ones of the wind mill with a marine painting for a better landscape integration and which, moreover, protects the material.


16. I do not want batteries with my wind mill !

A wind mill in subsistence farming is basic operation for a wind mill Solution-Energies. For the private individuals who wish to use the grid system of electricity there exists connection network with the same wind mills in resale of production. For this system there exist 2 possible operations:

A total resale of electricity reinjected on the network or a resale of the surplus of produced electricity, with a subsistence farming without battery in direct food according to the wind and of consumption.


17. Does a mast stayed that take place ?

One needs indeed more place to install a stayed tubular mast. This is why Solution-Energies also installs conical wind mills autoportés of mark PETITJEAN. These masts do not require an additional place for the anchoring of the stays. Thus a wind mill Solution-Energies will resemble milks for feature with a wind mill of wind farm but in miniature model…


18. Electricity everywhere

In a more total way one small wind mill of 2 with 20kW of power is simple means of using the kinetic energy of the wind to convert it into electrical energy. Since one finds wind everywhere in various proportions on all the territory a wind mill is simple means, naturalness and ecological to produce electricity free.


19. Various options of operation

According to the needs for a customer and his practices of electricity consumption, Solution-Energies has a broad product range differentiated according to their power, their height of operation and the type of use. Thus Southern Concept can precisely meet the specific needs of each customer.


20. More than 100 wind mills installed on all France

Solution-energies installed a big number of wind mills on the whole of the French territory (except DOMTOM and Corsica). It is a knowledge to make single which made it possible to design reliable models under operation.

The research department of Solution-Energies knew at the same time to meet the French and European security standards by integrating external components for a safety and an optimal operation but also to develop its own products to be able to propose a single material and to meet the customer requirements (example: selector of source).

It is for its single offer, its competences acquired on all of the installations optimized with their needs that the customers trust Solution-Energy.


21. A durable investment

The investment of a small wind mill is amortized grace in particular to advantageous tax conditions for its customers (tax credit, VAT 5.5%). But the essence of the profitability of a wind mill is due to its function first: to produce its own electricity to reduce initially incompressible loads.

With the fur and measurements of the years and this for one operation life 30 years, the wind mill of small power saves money with its investors.


22. A gesture for planet

The investment of a small wind mill is simple means, concrete and especially specimen to show its implication in renewable energies.

To produce its electricity according to a vision éco-citizen is concretely possible and visible today by all.





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