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Solar heating HRV 1500G

The system of solar heating comprent a HRV and 2 Solarsheat 1500G.

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3 900,00 € tax excl.

These systems warm your internal air by returning it towards them by a ventilator of recirculation, the heating then repressing it in your room. Our solar heatings can also warm the cold outside sight which passes in their fault. The supplied heat will depend on the volume of sight which crosses them and of the solar radiation. The main source of this heat is the sun.

These fire chambers sight do not realize a heating during night. However, the heat which they produce the day is stored by the thermal mass of your residence. This solar heating will guard heat during several hours later night hang.

This number of hours will depend on the degree of insulation of your residence. Their purpose is to avoid you the heating during the day what allows to warm your residence by the other means only some hours during the night and thus to reduce considerably your invoice.

Furthermore, the solar heating is often preferred for the drying of the harvests because this type of heating does not burn and does not damage the perceptible harvests, what is often the case when we use of the vapor or when we burn a fuel. This system of heatings is recommended for residences using the electric or other heating during winter.

Many customers wonder if they work during the cloudy or not sunny days. The answer is yes, if an additional system is settled to insure you the heating during the hours of absence of sun.

It is necessary to plan a hole for the ventilation shaft and the unit of ventilation which will allow better one recirculation of the warm sight in your residence. This unit is included with the heating. It is the only hole to be made during the installation of the heating and it has for dimension 15 in 20cm. Its installation is much simpler than that of boilers and can be made in 15 minutes.

The power consumed by this system will not exceed 14 W. This power is supplied in the unit of ventilation. The temperature will not affect a level allowing a fire risk. The manufacturer recommends a collector 1500G for every 93 squared metres. Finally there is no danger on the fire chambers solar sight.

The solar heating SolarSheat 1500G possesses a digital control extern which allows you to preset your ambient temperature. The unit can deliver until 49°C. The ventilator allows an appropriate drainage of sight till 88m3 / hour for a heating proportionned by piece.

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